How to Make Tenant Screening Easy-Peasy: A Guide for Auburn Hills Homeowners

How to Make Tenant Screening Easy-Peasy: A Guide for Auburn Hills Homeowners

Auburn Hills, Michigan, has a current population of nearly 25,500, which continues to increase. What does this mean for landlords? It means you have more chance of finding rental tenants, but you must also ensure your tenant screening is in order.

Tenant screening can send a shudder down landlords' spines. However, with the right tools and tips, it does not need to be a complicated process. It can save your rental property and improve its chance of profitability if you approach the procedure correctly.

Follow this guide to make your tenant screening as easy as possible in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Decide on Your Qualification Criteria

Before you even begin to screen tenants, decide on your qualification criteria. This can help narrow your search down and target the right rental tenant market. You can also show it as evidence should someone accuse you of housing discrimination.

Check the Fair Housing Act rules to avoid potential discriminatory issues. Create written and neutral criteria in advance.

Verify Financial Income

A prospective tenant's financial situation is one of the main determiners as to whether they are the right choice for your property. You do not want to have to face late rent payments or even eviction issues at a later date.

Be sure to verify any income, such as by asking for bank statements and wage slips. Many Auburn Hills Property Management companies also have tenant screening tools to make this process easier.

Ask for References

References can help you confirm the information a renter provides. Ask for references from previous landlords and contact them to discuss their experience with the renter. You want to check there were no issues such as property damage, late rental payment, or eviction.

You can also ask for employee references and a criminal background check to confirm they are a reputable renter for your property.

Use an Auburn Hills Property Management Firm

One of the best ways to make tenant screening easy in Auburn Hills is to hire a property management firm for assistance. They can provide an online platform, so you can follow the tenant screening process while they conduct it.

Reputable property management services have the resources, skills, and experience to screen tenants thoroughly. Avoid risks such as false information or false positives on background checks. They will also know the latest rules regarding housing discrimination, so you avoid any issues with this throughout the rental tenant screening process.

Successful Tenant Screening in Auburn Hills

Researching the tenant screening process can quickly become overwhelming. How can you ensure a thorough check without dedicating a sufficient amount of time to the process? Instead, hire property management services to take care of the task for you and find your ideal tenants.

Not all property management services offer the same quality and experience for your rental property. Do not look further than PMI Great Lakes, which proudly serves the Auburn Hills area. Contact us today to discuss your property management needs and learn how we can best help you.