HOA Management Services vs. HOA: What Are the Differences?

HOA Management Services vs. HOA: What Are the Differences?

Every year, HOA neighborhoods are becoming more mainstream in the United States. Already in 2021, more than 74 million Americans lived in HOA communities.

Moving into a neighborhood governed by a Homeowners Association can come with challenges. For instance, you must abide by specific rules, which some can find limiting.

But what is the difference between HOA management services and an HOA board? Knowing what HOAs can and cannot do for you is essential if you move in.

This article can help you with that. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between an HOA board and HOA management services.

What Is an HOA?

A Homeowners Association (HOA) is a community similar to a complex. In this HOA neighborhood, homeowners are responsible for maintaining specific areas of their property. This can include mowing your lawn, painting your house, etc.

HOA homeowners typically pay a membership fee to live in the community, which is charged annually. This fee also goes towards common expenses, like board fees and property taxes.

While some find living in a neighborhood overseen by a Homeowners Association board limiting, there are several benefits to choosing to live in one. For instance, property values in an HOA community are often higher due to better curb appeal.

Living in an HOA community also typically means access to common areas like:

  • Community pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Clubhouses
  • Fitness centers

What Are HOA Management Services?

An HOA management company provides HOA management services. They work closely with the HOA board members to ensure the community is run like an association. While specific responsibilities apply to HOA board members, HOA management services cover everything else.

For example, typically, an HOA management company will handle the administrative work of maintaining the properties in their community. An HOA manager's role is as an advisor rather than there to make decisions regarding the community. They assist with the day-to-day tasks, whereas the HOA board will have full decision-making power.

Duties of HOA Management Services

Knowing which duties fall under the jurisdiction of the homeowner and which fall to the HOA manager is wise before moving in. Here is a list of HOA services that an HOA management company can assist with:

Late Fees and Fines

An HOA manager handles all late fees and fines that homeowners accrue. This includes sending notices and following up with homeowners making them aware they're behind on payments.

Maintenance Requests

Fielding maintenance requests is another aspect that HOA management services can assist with. When maintenance requests are sent in, the HOA manager reviews and presents them to the board members. An HOA manager cannot make these decisions themselves and must defer to the board to approve or deny the requests.

Rules and Regulations

Another role of HOA management services is to enforce the rules and regulations the HOA board sets. All households living in the community, board members included, have to adhere to the rules regarding the community. For example, some HOAs have restrictions around the color you can paint your house.

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Knowing the differences between an HOA board and HOA management services is essential if you're living in an HOA community. An HOA board comprises several board members who make decisions regarding the community. HOA management services are there to provide assistance in the daily running of operations.

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