3 Ways Community Association Management Can Help Your Community in Auburn Hills, Michigan

3 Ways Community Association Management Can Help Your Community in Auburn Hills, Michigan

According to the CAI, 63% of Michigan community association residents rate their experience as positive.

Are you a member of an HOA board in Auburn Hills that aims for even better ratings? Hiring a professional community association management team can help you achieve your goal.

Keep reading to discover how an HOA management company can benefit your community association.

1. Management Experience and Expertise

Volunteer HOA board members rarely have the skills to perform all the tasks involved in property management.

Professional community managers assist your board members with a range of professional services. These experienced and qualified individuals can assist with things like:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Budget creation
  • Financial reporting
  • Homeowners' correspondence

They're familiar with the laws applicable to HOAs in Michigan and can help your board act within these bounds. If you do experience any legal issues, they've got legal professionals on board to assist you.

HOA managers assist with setting up proven software systems to help manage the HOA's day-to-day affairs. They will train board members to use these systems to increase their efficiency.

Watching professionals at work is also a valuable learning experience for board members.

2. Impartial Decision Making

Every HOA board comprises a team of elected community members.

It's sometimes difficult for board members to explain things like budget increases and HOA rules to their peers. Collecting overdue fees from their friends and neighbors can be awkward, too.

Having a third party perform these uncomfortable tasks makes life a lot easier for board members. It's easier for a neutral party to enforce HOA guidelines and rules within the community.

Additionally, a community manager can act as an arbitrator in disputes between board members.

3. Maintain Common Areas and Property Values

Homes within community associations usually sell for 4% more than free-standing homes. That's because these developments offer a host of amenities for residents' use.

People who buy homes in communities enjoy the use of gyms, green spaces, swimming pools, and more. The HOA board manages the upkeep of these facilities in exchange for a monthly HOA fee.

Keeping these amenities in pristine condition is a full-time job. It's often beyond the capabilities of busy volunteer board members.

When you collaborate with a HOA management company, they appoint a community manager to oversee the community's upkeep. These experts' existing industry relationships help secure the best prices and services in this regard.

A community association management team takes care of:

  • Routine property maintenance
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Judicious use of resources
  • Cost-saving measures
  • After-hours emergency repairs

In this way, they help maintain your community's value and appeal.

Get on Board with Effective Community Association Management

The biggest benefit of community association management services is that they save HOA board members time. At the same time, they help increase the efficiency of your HOA board, keep homeowners happy, and maintain property values.

Hiring an HOA management team is the first step toward increasing your community association's homeowner satisfaction.

Are you eager to get started? Get in touch for assistance with managing your HOA in Auburn Hills, Michigan.